Monday, August 22, 2011

I have always hated to yard sale....When I was a little girl I would go with my Mom but I always hated it.  It was always so gross picking through and touching the junk that other people wanted to get rid of.  So I have never gone to yard sales even in my adult life.  They were not for me.  Well, recently I have started venturing out to those yard sales with a friend.  Now she loves yard sales and always has. Sometimes she is so excited, she can't even sleep.  She goes every Saturday and even sometimes on Friday.  Friday night she makes a list of all the yard sales she wants to go to and she comes to my house at 7:00am. (bright and early) to pick me up and we hit those gross yard sales.  Actually they are not all gross.  I have found some great deals.  I have bought mostly picture frames but I have picked up a few other items.  I kinda like going to yard sales now.

This giant frame was only $5.  GREAT DEAL!!  I won't be using the print, just the frame.

These glass jars were only $5 for the set of 4.

Getting the hang of yard sales and I kinda like it.  I also love going with my friend, Marchelle.  She is so much fun!!!

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