Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's been awhile since I've blogged but I have been doing Pinterest and it is so much fun.  Pinterest has some great ideas.  Pinterest has recipes, craft ideas, scrapbooking ideas, party ideas, you name it, you can find it on pinterest.  Love it.

I have still been going to yard sales. I have found so many great treasures, especially picture frames.  Last week, I bought a $400 picture for $5.  It was a double mat print.  The guy wanted $10 but his wife made him take $5 because it was his ex-wife's and she just wanted to get rid of it. lol.  Don't have a picture of it.  I will post one and soon as I get my camera.  But I did get a good deal.  I went to 17 yard sales that day.  That included 3 neighborhood sales.  It was a great day for thrifty shopping.

My sweet Grandbaby Brock is getting so big and growing so fast.  He is so sweet and smart.  He is 10 months old now and he is walking and running every where.  He started walking at 8 months.  He has 8 teeth now.  He says mama, dada, bye bye, Bob Bob for SpongeBob, si for outside, gir for Karma Girl and several other words.  He is the cutiest ever.  Whitney has started a photography business and she has taken some great pictures of Brock.  Brock went to the beach for the first time and he loved it.  He rubbed sand all of himself, he chased the birds, and he got in the water.  He wasn't scared one little bit.  So hard to believe he will be 1 on Dec.9.  He is our little Prince and Whitney is giving him a Prince party.  It is gonna be so cute.
Chasing after the birds

Playing in the sand

Josh, Whit, and Baby Brock

Walking in the park

He was singing the Sponge Bob song

My little Pumpkin

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