Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My sweet daughter made me these beautiful crafts for my birthday and I just love them.  She did a great job.

The Be-You-tiful is perfect for my guest bedroom, it is light purple, black and white. 

This small cookie sheet, she made into a message board.  It is lined with scrapbook paper. The little magnet stones also have scrapebook paper behind them . The edges are embellished with some flower magnets.  This is perfect for my kitchen.

She also made me tile coasters with Mod Podge and scrapebook paper.  She did such a great job on all of them.  I was so surprised with all my beautiful gifts. 

With Cherry Blossom season here in Macon, I made a special friend a cherry blossom mesh wreath. 

This is a new wreath I made for my daughter.

Thanks for visiting.  

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