Thursday, March 21, 2013

My OH My......time is just flying is already March 20, 2013.  Four weeks ago I was going to update my blog and so I logged in and I could not find my dashboard or the post button or anything for my blog.  Guess what happened....I logged in with a different email address and pass word.  Crazy huh?  I have no idea how that happened.  So anyway, I'm BACK and with alot to update everyone on.  So here goes...........................

December 9 was my Sweet Grandson's 2nd birthday.  So hard to believe he is 2 already.  His Mommy did a great job with his little Dinosaur party.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

He is so Sweet!!!

Look at those blue eyes!!
Aunt Sherrie made is shirt and hat!!!  So cute!!!

Dinosaur Table

Dinsaur Cake

He got a Birthday hair cut!!! So cute!!

Dino sandwiches

Dino toenails

His Mommy had his room full of balloons when he got up that morning!!

His Elf is riding a Dinosaur and he loved it!!!

Christmas was so much fun this year with a 2 year old.   Having children during any holiday brings so much JOY, HAPPINESS and LAUGHTER. Our Grandson was a true joy to watch during this most wonderful time of the year.

We also made predictions as to when we thought the twins would be one got the day right.  I predicted Feb. 15 first then Jan. 28th was my second prediction.  They were born on Feb. 1st.

Brock loved his jumpy.

I love Santas

Metal Christmas decor.

I made the card tree from a tomato cage.  It is much cuter then this pic.

Our little Man

He loves his daddy's present.

All Mason wanted was tools for his new house.  Little man liked it too.

Fun times opening presents

Isn't he so cute!!!

For the twins room.  Love their names.

He loves it. Look at that adorable smile and Look at his hair.

We had such a fun time!!!
2012 was a Great year for our family.  We are so Blessed and I thank God above for every blessing.

January was spent getting all things ready for the twins.  Whitney spent a couple of days in the hospital for preeclampsia  and to get steroid shots to help develop the twins.  I got to keep our sweet little man and he was a angel.  Three weeks later the doc decided it was time for the twins to enter the world.  My next blog will be all about the TWINS.

Visit again soon and see our adorable twins.

Have a blessed day!!


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